Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Swimming Pool Care

Fall is approaching and the swimming pool care must be taken care of even if you won't be using the pool in the Fall.  As the tree leaves begin to fall make sure to check the filter baskets are cleaned out and not full of leaves.  If you don't take care of the filter you can actually harm your pool and throw off the pool chemistry.

You paid good money for your swimming pool so it only makes sense to keep up with the pool maintenance even if you aren't in the swimming season.  It is easy to forget the pool while it is out of season but if you want to protect your investment you will continue your pool maintenance.  If you don't have time be sure to locate a great pool company that can take care of your pool investment for you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swimming Pool Water

Is the water in your pool getting a little low?  In most of Texas we are on a specific watering schedule to conserve water and that includes refilling our pools.  I don't know about you but I am ready to get some rain.  We have now had 58 days with no rain and no rain in sight.  I have turned off my swimming pool waterfall and I am letting the pool water levels reach lower than normal levels all in the name of conserving water!

We still enjoy our pool but we have to do our share in conserving water here in central Texas.  Hurry up rain, there are many pools that need to be filled!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Pool Tips Austex Pools

We have reached triple degree weather here in central Texas for a few weeks and about 56 days since our last rain.  In such harsh conditions do you know how to take care of your pool?  Here are a few tips that will help you take care of your pool to make sure you can enjoy it all summer long.

Summer Swimming Pool tips:

  • Be sure to check your pools chemistry twice a week in the summer.  By checking the chemistry so often you can then make minor adjustments as needed.  If you wait to long to check the chemistry you will then fight bigger issues.
  • Do not backwash your sand or DE filters to often.  By doing so you are just wasting water and we are all trying to reserve water in central Texas.
  • Don't forget to keep the skimmer baskets empty and free of leaves and other items.
  • Add your chemicals after the sun has set.
  • Be sure to repair and replace all broken items.
If you need summer swimming care let us know.

Austex Pools
Austin, Texas